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Troop3r is a Ripper Roo/Dingodile (he has their DNA; he is also a mixture of a scorpion and a penguin) hybrid that was created by an unknown scientist.

Troop3r's main goal within stories is to locate Grace (regardless of whether she exists in the story) and exterminate any adversaries attempting to get in his way. When he is depressed, he usually sees - or perhaps hallucinates - a personification of joy and laughter given to him by God (and Jesse God of Awesome). Troop3r has been diagnosed with autism, and is missing his left arm; he claims that this was because of a fight with a fire elemental who claimed to have made Grace flee because he was "the personification of death". Troop3r also insists that he was Grace's boyfriend before Grace left, despite the fact that to assume so would require huge leaps of imagination.

Nobody is sure how to pronounce his name, since it has a number in the spot where an E would usually be seen. Some say "trooper", whereas others say "troopthreer", and still others refuse to use his name at all. Whether it is his name is also disputed, since it seems unlikely that someone would name a child "Troop3r" (whether he was their own child or just their pet project), especially since none of the other experiments he claims to have grown up with were given similar names.

Behind the Scenes

Troop3r is also infamous for being Clan rHrN's only character, and as such the one that he made his impromptu intrusions on RPs with. Furthermore, many bunnies find his author's claim that he used to be Grace's boyfriend ridiculous, given that there was only a narrow (perhaps two years at most) window of time in which she could have had any kind of romantic or semi-romantic relationship before Damien showed up and kidnapped the experiments (he doesn't seem the type to allow them to socialise enough to form romantic bonds) Grace has never mentioned any pre-Tedd boyfriends in the comic, and in every iteration of her history one thing remains constant: the fact that she has only three "brothers".

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